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ATEX / IECVerktøy

User Guide

Auteldac 4
The Auteldac 4 (A4) telephone provide a tough, weather resistant unit, built to withstand arduous industrial atmospheres and environmental extremes.
Certified for safe operation in hazardous areas, the Auteldac 4 body is made from carbon loaded glass filled polyester to eliminate rust and corrosion.

Analogue and
 Voice over IP  (VoIP).
Plastic Bodied Heavy Duty Telephone.
The Commander family of telephones is a range of tough, weather resistant units built to withstand operator abuse and environmental extremes.

Keypad options range from full 18 key to zero for
the CB version.
Analogue, Voice over IP  (VoIP) and GSM / GSM-R.
Titan brings state of the art design and technology to metal bodied weather and vandal resistant telephones.
The Titan range is designed to meet the acoustic performance, reliability and varying applications demanded by today's markets. They provide solutions to meet the requirements of most customers for 'hot line' telephones, multiple button autodiallers, traditional full keypad telephones and remote Programming.
Analogue and Voice over IP (VoIP)
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Acoustic Hood 23dB
For external or internal use, this hood is designed to attain a high level of noise reduction up to 23dB.
Manufactured using general-purpose resin material to BS476 Class 1 fire regulation, the hood is extremely robust and weatherproof. Inside the hood's outer shell is a perforated polypropylene lining that houses 50mm non-hygroscopic acoustic insulation.
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Bedlam Loud Tonecaller
The unit is rated to IP66 and is therefore capable of operating in adverse conditions. The Bedlam Loud Tonecaller is designed to replace the traditional mains powered bell and is powered by the PABX and PSTN line voltage (60-100 volts AC).
A variable output (85-105dBA) is possible by means of a potentiometer located within the unit.
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Des19n Telerelé II
Weather resistant ring detector with switch. Switches mains voltage in cadence with telephone ring signal.
Weather resistance and small dimensions provides fir versatile installation.
Dimensions (mm): 70x30x25
Acoustic Hood 9dB
The marine telephone hood has been designed specifically for installation in hazardous or arduous areas and as such is totally robust and environment proof. This is reflected in both its manner of construction and the materials used.